Day One: Manchester- Helsinki

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Waiting for the plane we met a kind older Finnish woman, she saved my seat for me in the waiting area whilst we went to the loo. The flight was easy. Blue blue sky scrapes. We both read our books. It was peaceful. A family next to us. A two year old boy kept pointing at me and saying “look at that lady, look at that lady”. His parents were embarrassed by his actions. I just thought it was endearing.

“Mum all gone. Naosie is eating some yoghurt for supper”

Arrived safe. All transport is very efficient.  Many kind women helping me with the bags. Its hard to look after Naoise and manage our luggage. On one occasion he had to go down a large escalator ahead of me. We clung tight together.


Feels like we have definitely arrived east. Lots of strong public bronze sculptures of strong men hammering.

Went the wrong way on the tram but worked out my error quickly, people are very helpful, most understand English.

moominlolliesVery tired now, but happy to be here at the hostel. We got food from the supermarket and had fun looking at all the moomin branded food items. Two microwave meals later we are relaxing in our room.

Lots of beautiful play areas, sandpits of swings for each block of flats. I loiter outside a shop selling beautiful Nordic designed furniture. All is clean. Naoise noticed that the acorns were falling off the trees. He ran at a crowd of sparrows feeding on some grass, he was trying to catch one. They all flew away with a start. bottlesofmoomins

“Puss in boots, Puss in boots”, Naoise is bored and asking for TV.

Two hours difference here. Time to rest.