eggwombheadmoonwebsite“The egg, the womb, the head and the moon”,  has been created to show existing work and research-driven practice about the maternal by the Mewe arts collective in response to the title. The site includes documentation of visual art work, video, sound, performance and texts by members of Mewe, including contextual dialogue and blog posts that have arisen through the creative process. It is our aim to share our collective research and reveal the cross-disciplinary and collaborative nature of our practice in order to connect and exchange ideas with a wider audience.


The duration of this blog will be for nine months (42 weeks) – a time frame that purposefully mirrors that of the duration of pregnancy. At the end of three months (the first trimester)Mewe will be exhibiting and presenting this site at the AHRC Motherhood in Post-1968 Women’s Writing: Cross Cultural and Interdisciplinary Dialogues conference at theUniversity of London’s Senate House.


By the second trimester we will be organising and developing an exhibition, and by the end of the third trimester we will show work created through a critical engagement with this website in various locations within Calderdale. The exhibition will therefore be born out of the communications and interactions made visible through this space.


The title for this site comes from the November 2012 Mewe meeting where members discussed the subject of the egg, its meanings, metaphors and representations in relationship to motherhood.


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