Made whilst caring and collaborating  with my son during the M(other) & Son arts residency n Tampere, Finland. I recently found this in my box of documents and art work in the studio, and really liked it as I felt it captured the fleeting nature of our time together in Tampere. Art made with a seven year old is made on the move in the now. The writing on the back is gradually fading, it will probably eventually disappear. It is interesting how upon reflection it is little snippets of art like this that I value the most. I love that the words were so important that I had to write them down on a sanitary towel.

Helen Sargeant, ” Virtual Breakfast, Printing Press, Bus, Zimmer Frames, Accordian Playing, The Warm Sun, Birch Trees, Bus Ticket”, biro on sanitary towel, (front) 2016

Helen Sargeant, “Naoise thinks its hilarious that I’m writing on a sanitary towel. Naoise gets tickets. I wheel suitcases on Bus. The Irish Elephant Broach, A key with a heart, Some cuff links”, biro on sanitary towel, (Back), 2016



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