Seeing through the fog.

20.13pm ( sat on the sofa)

Syd getting out of the shower. P playing chess with N, wish it was read a book, but I am not complaining, I actually have a free moment. I am writing this in secret. The washing machine chugs around.

What to say? The walk in the fog was slow but good. I saw shifting clouds fuzzy like pastel smudged on paper. I saw two magpies, a crow, a wren…I saw a grey squirrel..some workmen fixing up a big house on top of the hill. I saw dew dangling like jewels on wool and empty branches.

Walking makes it all seem ok. Its all ok.


Admired a friends creative project and drank hot chocolate with brandy to celebrate. Fog. Fog. Cold, dark, damp. Collected Syd. Collected note from GP. Dealt with a tantrum over crackers in the budget supermarket, nearly had a nervous breakdown in the carpark struggling with child, tantrum and shopping. Did’nt cope well got stressed about cars and Naoise misbehaving and it was horrid.

Later N was vert very good and helpful and I forgot the incident before.


Syd normal cheeky self. Soon the school will break up, I need it to end, he is restless and tired and behaving erratically.

Friend came around with keys so I can look after her dog tomorrow. Looking forward to some company on my walk. May go over the tops in Walsden….not sure yet.

Washing machine comes to the end of its cycle. No more energy to write.

Beep beep beep. ….beep beep beep….

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