Day 13

Cleaning the flat and studio, The Lake, Home


We find the local lake and set leaf boats a drift. Looking forward to going home. Family is home. Its sunny here. Nicola sends me a message saying that its grey and wet in Manchester. But right now I would happily swap the yellow for the grey of home.

Cleaning the apartment. I can safely say that its defiantly cleaner than when we arrived. Packing. Cleaning. Packing. Naoise helps to hoover the studio floor but soon becomes bored…its a pretty big space.

The 2 Euro microwave meals that I bought from the garage are yucky, but they require no washing up or clearing away.

Family, familiar, not difficult and different.

Naoise wants his dad to cook burritos for his welcome home meal. I order a cider. I look forward to being back in the bosom cuddle of hills.

Watching the sun go down. Drinking a cup of tea on the double rocking garden bench. Red rowan berries the trees.

Watching Abney and Teal on their island.

Watching people washing clothes outside in a communal washing area of sinks and hanging out their things to dry on metal rails.

I wonder what the graffiti in the underpass says? Naoise notices a bird squashed dead on the road.

Anxious about traveling. I worry about getting to the train station on time. I worry about everything.

We listen to The Stone Roses, Slaves, Wonk Unit. We miss Syd’s noise.

I’ve missed my eldest son and my partner. Its been a strange and lonely experience being here without them. Its been a fun, crazy and challenging roller coaster ride. Naoise sleep patterns have got worse and worse as the days have progressed and he has eaten less and less. Today Naoise ate crisps, chocolate and some ice-cream.

In the evening we get into bed and watch the animated version of the Iron Giant by Ted Hughes.