In order for Naoise to be able to come along with me to participate in this residency, I had to ask for permission to do so from his primary school. Naoise will be missing one week at the start of the next school year.

Having children of school age is definitely a barrier to being able to take part in a residency. If this residency had been any longer than 14 days then I may have had to consider home education and negotiating a longer period of time out of school.

Once your child starts school, work is very much dictated by the term timetable. In recent years the UK government has imposed a draconian system of fining parents for taking children out  of school during term time. However in May a father from the Isle of Wight who refused to pay a £120 fine after taking his daughter on holiday to Disney World during school time, won the support of the high court.

High court backs father who refused to pay fine for term-time holiday