A friend of mine Catherine Putz invited me to her home in Hebden Bridge and told me stories about her experiences of living and working in Tampere teaching English as a Foreign Language in 1979. She kindly showed me her photograph albums and leant me some books about Finland, including a 1970’s tourist guide to Tampere.

I was immediately drawn to the guide book. I am a child of the 70’s there is a sense of familiarity and nostalgia in the pages of the book. The paddling pool image in the park reminded me of the summer of 1976 and long days by a lido in with my parents, brothers and sisters.

I am interested in valuing gestures of care, therefore I cropped out details of mothers from the photographs. I wanted to re-frame the context of images so the focus was the maternal as opposed to a place to see in Tampere. The mothers become the site seeing;  pushing prams, caring for babies, watching and facilitating play.

When I am in Tampere with Naoise, I want to spend time together with him playing in parks, meeting and observing Finnish mothers with their children. I wonder how differently people parent in Finland? Are there any particular parenting styles. How do they approach and value play, care, labour and education?