In preparation for Finland me and Naoise have been developing our collaborative drawing practice. We have been working at home on the table in our front room using cheap A4 office paper and felt tip pens .

We begin by making none representational marks and then copy and mimic what each other is doing. We talk to each other whilst we draw and ensure that each other is happy with the choice of colour and the marks each other is making on the paper.  Sometimes we nudge each others pens to make different marks. The drawing has become a game, sometimes the nudging feels like a fight, but its fun. The drawing becomes a play fight with marks.

Sometimes Naoise leads and tells me what to do, at other times I direct the mark making. I often ask if Naoise will draw with me, but he often says no and I cannot persuade him to work with me if he does not want too. There are always pens and paper available in the front room so that if he wants to initiate a drawing session, he can.