Me and Naoise had a conversation about what defines a collaboration. We both wrote down our ideas on paper. I liked that Naoise enjoyed making dots around his words and used the whole space of the paper rather than writing a formal list.

Naoise definition of collaboration

Fun, Sprising (Surprising), Shoir Ideeers (Share Ideas), Play, Dvore (Draw), Lisn (Listen), Positive, Help, Unstand (Understand), Pashnt (Patient), Cweshdns (Questions).

Helen’s definition of collaboration

Negotiation, Excepting others ideas, Open minded, Calm, Patient, Not knowing outcome, Equality, Discussion/Choice, Action, Relationship, Ethics, Dynamics, Understanding/Empathy, Suggestion, Meeting up of ideas, Exploration

I also looked up the dictionary and thesaurus definition.

These definitions help me and Naoise to think about how we might approach this collaboration. To have parameters, to understand each others roles and what we can realistically achieve within the duration of the residency. This blog is about gathering together information and resources that we can draw upon in order to make the most of this opportunity.

  1. How we might work together?
  2. What are our shared aims and objectives?
  3. What examples of parent/child led art collaborations could be helpful to me and Naoise?