Held at the Artsmill Gallery in Hebden Bridge this workshop was created as part of The Big Draw , and included a life drawing session from a pregnant life model, a seminar about the representation of the Pregnant body in culture, art history and contemporary fine art, together with time to develop work inspired by personal experiences of pregnancy.

Artists involved in the workshop came from a range of backgrounds and with varying degrees of experience. They were supported by tuition to meet their individual needs.

The life model was in her last trimester or pregnancy. Participants were encouraged to consider the body of the baby as well as that of the mother whilst they were drawing.

The seminar resulted in some open discussion about the participants experiences of pregnancy. Art works were produced that explored their own personal narratives.

Dorothy made some beautiful drawings from memory depicting the birth of her daughter. Alison worked to make a painting from a family photograph of her eldest son playing with his dad in her garden. Mo made an imaginative painting of a pregnant women with a hand that had become a fin and a black eel rising from behind her head. Roger drew from a photograph of a close friend who was pregnant with triplets, and Jo made a series of reflective drawings in response to the morning session.

The day culminated in the workshop participants critically discussing the artwork they had made throughout the workshop.


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