Stay and play is a series of performances staged in Sargeant’s home, a collaboration with her youngest son Naoise (Aged 3)

Crawling around the coffee table 

Sargeant crawls and spins around the coffee table in her front room. Here she explores the gesture of the circle with the body in her home. Sargeant plays with ideas of a mother becoming trapped in her home and encircling her table like a bored zoo animal. Sargeant is also fascinated by the circle as symbol for moon, womb, breasts, head, world.

Make a bridge and I will crawl over you

Sargeant plays with her son at home. She makes a bridge between her coffee table and sofa and he crawls over her, then he makes a bridge and she crawls over him. Sargeant here uses the gesture of play as the material of her art.

I lift you up, I cuddle you, you are my mirror

Sargeant plays games with her son in her home, she lifts him up, she cuddles him and their reflections are mirrored in the coffee table.



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