The egg, the womb, the head and the moon will be exhibited and presented as part of the Arts, Health and Social Care Symposia Series at The University of Salford on the 19th November 2013. This is a free event and you can book by following the link detailed in the information below


Arts, Health and Social Care Symposia Series

University of Salford

Mary Seacole Building

Launch Event Tuesday 19th November 11am – 6pm

Starts and Ends of Life

Followed by a drinks reception 6pm – 7pm by invitation.

Launch of new Birth Rites* acquisitions

Sponsored by the Wynn Bentham End of Life Memorial Fund


The aim of the arts, health, and social care symposia is to promote interprofessional collaboration between staff, students and practitioners from arts, health and social care; highlighting exemplars of best practice in fields such as birth, bereavement, change, loss and end of life care. The symposia will showcase innovative artworks and installations that portray work surrounding these themes.


Artworks and installations in a variety of media (including but not limited to performance, music, poetry, creative writing, photography, film, pottery, sculpture, artefacts, drawing, painting, graphics, crafts and social media). Workshops and poster presentations linking arts related activities with care provision. Practical workshops developing artworks and installations during the symposia. Interactive ‘pop-up’ workstations/workshops and games. Public engagement through case studies and stories highlighting service user and carer perspectives.

Confirmed Presenters

Rebecca Baillee Mother Artists: The representation of pregnancy, miscarriage and infertility in art.

Marie Brett Amulet and Anamesis

Michaela Barnard, Dave Garbutt & Leah Greene Challenging Situations at the End of Life, Hi Fidelity simulation of sensitive communication

Dancesyndrome charity & social enterprise to improve and empower people with learning disabilities lives through the vehicle of dance

Anija Dokter Sound and Childbearing: realities and imaginaries

Professor C.J.Hollins-Martin Bereavement Care

Helen Knowles & Samantha Lippett Birth Online : Birth Offline Cross cultural participatory arts project exploring Native American and British perceptions of childbirth

Judith Kurutac & Andy Lawrence Born, documentary film that examines two couples very different experiences of birth. The film draws us into an examination of the connection between birth and death to explore what role fear plays in childbirth and how the ways in which we deal with fear effect the way in which a child is born. “Our hope is to create a magical-real environment in which to go beyond the limits of our historical perspective on childbirth and its culturally bound rites, and to demonstrate an emotionally connected knowledge which can contribute to the debate on how we give birth and die.”

Claire Lawrie A Massive Nothing

Tabitha Moses False Starts and Happy Endings

Jesse Olszynko-Gryn Feeling pregnant: the changing experience of pregnancy in twentieth-century Britain

Helen Sargeant The egg, the womb, the head and the moon

Elaine Uppal Art of Midwifery

Erika Robertson Contrasts between Life and Death

Eti Wade Starting My Journey as a Mother


Participants are encouraged to bring an artefact or memento of a loved one who has passed away, the symposia would like to record the meaning of these symbols and how it reminds you of the person you lost. Please bring a photo of the person and we can record your memories on paper, audio or video. A publication may arise from this activity.

Temporary Exhibition




Birth Rites Exhibition, including launch of new acquisitions

Claire Lawrie ‘A Massive Nothing’ 2011

Tabitha Moses ‘Islands of Blood and Longing’, 2010

Janet Russek (three photographs) from her Pregnancy Series 2005

David Scheinbaum (three photographs) ‘Jason. A Homebirth Experience’ 1979 – 1980

Valerie Schmidt (one photograph) ‘Formations’ (Seeds)

Dominika Dzikowska (three photographs) from the series: Wet warm velvet, 2009-2013

Eti Wade (2 photographs) ‘Home Birth (in the kitchen)’ 2001; ‘Home Birth’ (with vacuum cleaner) 2001

Marie Brett Amulet Project –she will be bringing two framed works and sound works – these are temporary installations as she will be donating to the collection at the end of the Amulet tour next year.

Birth Rites is a collection of contemporary art on childbirth. The first of its kind in the world. It is housed between the Royal College of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians in London and the Mary Seacole Building in the Midwifery Directorate in Salford University and is on display for staff, students and the general public. The collection currently comprises photography, sculpture, painting, artist books, print, wallpaper, drawing, new media and film.

This is a free event, however lunch and refreshments can be booked for £10

To book a place, go to the onlineshop.

Venue: Mary Seacole Building, University of Salford, Frederick Rd, Salford M6 6PU (close to Salford Crescent train station)

A free drinks reception will be held between 6.00pm and 7.00pm as part of a special viewing of 13 new acquisitions to the Birth Rites Collection which is housed in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work.

For more information contact 0161 295 436

*Birth Rites Collection is the only collection of contemporary art on the subject of childbirth in the world and is housed permanently in the Mary Seacole Building in Salford University. The collection is open to the

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