No snow

12.32 am (midnight not today or tomorrow)

Spray on snow decorating window panes. Reindeers pulling santa sleighs. Snowmen. Snowballs. No snow. No snow.

Removing nits one by one from the nape of Naoise’s neck. They are foul, it is war. War on nits. The horrid things have irritated his skin and his head is full of scabs. Poor little child. War begins with tea tree conditioner and a new super duper comb tomorrow, or Monday when the chemist is open.

The unseasonal weather means that I feel not at all festive.

Today was good, saw my family. Ate mince pies and brandy butter. Decorated the house with plastic. Bad music played by small people strumming guitars and banging and blowing recorders.

Exchanged presents.

Wrapped presents for P’s family.

Made CD’s of Naoise singing carols.

Cleaned bathroom. Cleaned front room. Cleaned kitchen floor. Noticed the build up of black mold. All is damp and too warm and grey and dark.

The darkest day tomorrow. The winter solstice, then the light will slowly return little by little day by day.

Read an article about the El Nino effect. Swallowed worry and thought about our beautiful world and all the beautiful people and our constant denial.

I miss the ice and wind and cold and sledging. The unseasonal weather is unsettling.



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